Conference Information  

Two-third of Iran's' population of over 75 million people live in urban areas. Population growth, immigration and industrialization led to physical development of cities, population density in urban areas, slum and informal settlement, undesirable traffic and environmental pollution. Therefore, urban planning and management in all economic, social, cultural, health and security areas is the main concerns for officials and citizens in cities and doing it successfully requires a comprehensive and coherent policies, national determination and optimal allocation of resources.

This conference follows the successful series started in 2006, continued in 2010, 2011 and 2012 which brought together the great number of experts, scholars, critics and officials involved in urban planning and management. As the necessity for the continuation of such conferences, Islamic City council, Ferdowsi University and Municipality of Mashhad intend to hold "5th Conference on Urban Planning and Management April 24-25, in the holy city of Mashhad in order to benefit from the experiences and the latest knowledge on urban affairs. All academics, researchers, professionals, managers, experts and consultants from governmental and non-governmental agencies who involve in urban affairs are invited for submitting a paper or attending the conference.