1- urban planning and management

Scenariology and its application in urban planning, land use and urban development; planning and risk management in urban projects; urban planning towards regenerating central context of cities; urban planning based on system thinking; mechanism for growth and decline of cities; strategic planning; future cities affairs and its challenges; cities and regional development planning; review the participation and the role of non- government sector in urban management; smart urban planning; urban good governance; knowledge-based cities; creative and entrepreneurial cities, globalization and world cities; city environment and natural resources management; virtual cities; structural and strategic planning; review and evaluation of urban development policies and strategies; sustainable city; integrated urban management and challenges facing it (political legal, administrative, etc.); future pattern of urban management in Iran; local governments and urban management; urban land management, evaluation the role of Islamic city councils and municipalities in urban management development; performance evaluation of Islamic city councils and municipalities; the design of effective structure of councils on municipalities; mutual rights and duties of councils, municipalities and citizens; the interaction of Islamic city councils, municipalities and government agencies; study the international experiences of council system in managing cities and Islamic city councils; current challenges and future prospect.

2- Community and Urban Culture:

cultural needs and urban life, social and cultural impact of municipal projects; supervision role of citizens; disorders and social problems in urban life; social capital in cities; urban identity, women and social problems in cities; disabled people and urban life; spending leisure time; public exercise and citizen happiness; citizen culture; citizenship rights, urban tourism; recreation, and citizen vitality in religious cities; urban diplomacy.