3- Urban security:

Social security in cities; security impact in urban projects; defense and urban security; city and passive defense; indicators of safe and healthy city; zoning urban crimes; mental peace and security in urban areas and neighborhoods; development of spirituality, ethic and urban security; health, safety and urban security; urban environment risk management; the role of non- government regulatory bodies in urban security; the impact of immigration on urban security; immigration and law-breaking; immigrants' bound to obey the city rules and regulations; urban violence, causes and solutions; urban lighting at night and its role in urban security; virtual challenges and threats in urban management and planning; slum and social- cultural issues in cities; slum, causes, consequences and strategies; sustainable development of slum.

4- Urban Economy:

Employment and labor market; municipal revenue sources; investment in cities; the state of urban industrial development in cities; housing and urban land market; the role of informal economy in cities, attracting foreign investments; economic participation of citizens in urban development; the state and role of cities in the global economy; ways of providing sustainable revenue for municipalities; innovation and entrepreneurship in the urban economy.