Message from secretary

Dear Colleagues,

With a long history of human habitation in the cities and considering the functions and roles that cities play in the sustenance of life, it is required to pay attention to matters such as planning, organization and management in the cities. Nowadays, unbalanced urban population in many countries in favor of cities and unprecedented rapid in urbanization, industrialization, influence of ideas and political decisions over cities, development of metropolitan cities and complexity of urban living and multiplicity of urban management led to several urban problems, issues and phenomena including management, economic, political, security, social and cultural issues such as traffic, housing, security, marginal settlements, utilities, natural or human-induced crises management, drinking-water and energy supply, citizenship culture, spending leisure time, tourism, environment pollution, natural and unexpected disasters and etc. Therefore, more attention to urban planning and management is necessary so that human inevitably use available knowledge and experiences in different scientific fields to solve these problems.

Evidences show that due to unprecedented growth of urbanization in Iran and different problems facing people, strategic and systematic plans have not been desirably applied for organizing major cities using scientific researches and experiences from other countries. urban planning and management in many countries has become so important that politicians and state officials are forced to adopt policies and decisions on serious and vital matters such as capital change, incentives and constraints about traffic and immigration problems, adoption macro-national strategies, making decisions about urban governance such as city councils, retrofitting, imposing limitations and obstacles to avoid centralization, decisions on urban cultural and social security, architectural anomalies and so on.

Adopting comprehensive and consistent policies to achieve good planning and effective integrated management in political, economic, social and cultural aspects and also taking into account the role of citizens in urban planning and management, it is expected that professors, researchers, experts and other interested groups on urban affairs across the country attend and present scientific and practical approaches in the "Fifth Conference of Urban Planning and Management", in order to have an effective role in realization this important issue and assist managers and stockholders.

Hadi Aazami

Secretary of the "Fifth Conference on Urban Planning and Management"