Report of First Conference on Urban Planning and Management

Topics of Conference:

_Urban Economy

_Urban Development

_Urban Management

_Urban Society and Culture

_City Councils

_Mashhad Religious Metropolis

Key lecturers:

Dr. Habibollah Ayat Elahi (PhD in Comparative History and Analysis of the Art and Visual Arts from University of Paris)

Dr. Mostafa Abbaszadeh (PhD in Urban Design, University of Science and Industry)

Dr. Esmael Shia (PhD Urbanism, University of Science and Industry)

Description of the Conference:

For this conference totally 225 articles were received and each article on average was sent for 3-5 reviewers. From this number, 52 articles were approved by judges in order to present in conference.

The presented articles with the title of "Proceedings of Conference on Urban Planning and Management" were published in 2 volumes by Research Center of Islamic City Council of Mashhad.

The number of participants of this conference was 400 people including academics, members of Islamic Councils of Mashhad, Mayors, Municipality experts, and professionals of organizations such as Governor, Planning and Budget Organization, Engineering Organization, water and sewage and private companies in Urban Development and Management.


First Conference on Urban Planning and Management with the aim of creating an opportunity to gather researchers, managers and professionals in Urban affairs to exchange information and viewpoints and to utilize new research achievements and executive experiences was held by Research Center of Islamic City Council, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Municipality on (21-22/Feb), 2007 in conference Hall of Pardisan Hotel of Mashhad.

It is necessary to remind that in this conference the Engineering Organization of Khorasan Razavi , Governor of Khorasan Razavi, and Sepad Company participated as sponsors of this conference.

Head of conference was Dr Ali Akbar Razmi, the president of Islamic City Council at that time and the secretary of the conference was Dr. Ali Shirazi, Faculty Member of Management Department of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.