Fourth Conference on Urban Planning and Management:

Due to three successful previous conferences held in 2007, 2010 and 2011, Islamic City Council, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Mashhad Municipality tended to hold the fourth conference on Urban Planning and Management on 9-10 May, 2012.

In this regard, the secretariat of conference formed twelve scientific committee meetings and 4 executive committee meetings to examine 530 received articles from which 95 articles were approved.


Fourth conference on Urban Planning and Management with the aim of creating an opportunity to gather researchers, managers and professionals in Urban affairs to exchange information and viewpoints and to utilize new research achievements and executive experiences was held by Research Center of Islamic City Council, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Municipality on (9-10/May), 2012 in Mashhad.

It is necessary to remind that in this conference, Islamic Culture and Relation Organization (representative of Khorasan Razavi), Engineering and Civil Organization of Khorasan Razavi, Construction and Housing Companies, Geographical Organization of Armed Forces Office of Research and applied studies of NAJA participated to endorse this conference.

Mr Shir Mohammadi, President of time of Islamic City Council was chairman of conference and Mr Hadi Azami, Faculty member of Geography Department of Ferdowsi University was the secretary of conference.

Topics of Fourth Conference on Urban Planning and Management:

_Urban Economy

_Urban Development

_Urban Management

_Urban Society and Culture

_City Councils

_Mashhad Religious Metropolis

_Urban Planning

_Urban Security

_Informal Settlement

_Furniture and City Beautification

Key lecturers:

Subject of identifying the main lecturer was followed while the meetings of scientific committees were being held.

Finally the people with expertise also invited lecturers were collected from suggested cases to present the special articles.

_ Professor Wyatt Ray Mond (University of Melborn).

_Mr ShirMohammadi (President of Islamic City Council of Mashhad)

_Dr. Aazami (Secretary of Conference)

_Mr Pejman (Mayor of Mashhad)

Description of Conference:

Totally 530 articles were received from beginning of 2010 autumn until deadline for submitting papers and each of them was sent to three judges to evaluate.

From this number, 94 articles were approved and 37 considered to be presented in conference Hall of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

After completing conference, compact discs and a book of lectures and proceedings were sent to the participants of conference.