Sixth Conference on Urban Planning and Management:

Sixth conference on Urban Planning and Management with the aim of creating an opportunity to gather researchers, managers and professionals in Urban affairs to exchange information and viewpoints and to utilize new research achievements and executive experiences was held by Research Center of Islamic City Council, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Municipality on (12-13/November), 2014 in conference Hall of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

The main topic of this conference was Islamic-Iranian cities.

Mr Entezari Heravi, President of time of Islamic City Council was chairman of conference and Dr. Baratali Khakpour , Faculty member of Geography Group of Ferdowsi University was the secretary of conference.

Topic of Conference:

_Islamic-Iranian City

_Urban Planning and Management

_Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

_Urban Transportation

_City and Natural Environment

_Crisis Management and Urban Security

_Urban Society and Culture

_Urban Economy

_Architecture and Urbanism

_ Informal Settlement

_Smart City

_Special Matters of Mashhad metropolis

Special-Scientific Panels:

_Panel of codifying the Road Map of Smart City of Mashhad

_Pathology Panel of intervention approaches of Blighted areas in Mashhad city

_Round Table of Community based Urban Planning

_Round Table of Reviewing the suggested government bill in terms of Urban Management

_Round Table of explanation of determinants and strategies to fulfillment Islamic City

Academics workshops:

. International academic workshop of Geographical Information System (GIS)

. International academic workshop of methods of supplying the financial resources for urban projects

. Academic workshop of operational plan to fulfillment the resilient economy in Municipality

. Academic workshop of planning systems in municipalities (with emphasis on experiences and achievements of deputy of development and planning of Mashhad Municipality)

Description of Conference:

Totally 580 articles were received from which 237 articles were approved by scientific and judgment committees.

It is necessary to mention that 20 articles were ordered and 60 articles were presented as lectures.

Number of participants:

There were 1070 participants from whom ,many people were academics , members of Islamic City Council , Mayors, Municipality experts and other experts of Organs such as Governor, Organization of Planning and Budget, Engineering Organization, Private Companies on Urban Management and construction and etcetera.